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Michal R. Belknap

Michal R. Belknap

Professor of Law Emeritus

Faculty Emeriti


Professor Michal R. Belknap is a historian-turned lawyer, having written eight books and countless articles on American legal history and obtained his master’s and Ph.D. in the subject prior to law school. As interested as Belknap is in scholarship, he had an equally passionate devotion to teaching and preparing students with the skills to practice law. He enjoyed teaching Constitutional Law and Criminal Law and was the visionary creator of the Summer Enrichment Program, which he directed for two decades.

  • JD University of Texas
  • MA PhD University of Wisconsin [history]
  • BA University of California, Los Angeles [history]
  • Criminal Law
  • American Legal History II
  • Constitutional Law I & II
  • Constitutional Law Seminar


  • Michal R. Belknap, The Warren Court and the Revolution in Criminal Procedure (CQ Press 2010).
  • Michal R. Belknap, The Supreme Court Under Earl Warren (2005).
  • Michal R. Belknap, The Vietnam War On Trial: The Mylai Massacre and the Court Martial of Lieutenant Calley (2002).
  • Michal R. Belknap, Federal Law and Southern Order (1995).
  • Michal R. Belknap, American Political Trials (1994).
  • Michal R. Belknap, Civil Rights, the White House and the Justice Department (1991).
  • Michal R. Belknap, Cold War Political Justice: The Smith Act, the Communist Party and American Civil Liberties (1977).


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  • Michal R. Belknap, Why Dennis?, 96 Marq. L. Rev. 1013 (2013).
  • Micha R. Belknap, The Smith Act Case, in Civil Liberties and the Legacy of Harry S. Truman, 9 The Truman Legacy Series 81 (Richard S. Kirkendall ed., 2013).
  • Michal R. Belknap, Why Dennis v. United States is a Landmark Case, 34 J. Sup. Ct. Hist. 289

Encyclopedia Articles

  • Michal R. Belknap, Civil Rights, in 1 Encyclopedia of Afro American History 383 (Paul Finkleman, ed., 2009).
  • Michal R. Belknap, Vinson, Fred M., in 5 Encyclopedia of the Supreme Court of the United States 142 (David S. Tanenhaus ed., 2008).
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Book Reviews

  • Michal R. Belknap, 74.5 The Historian __ (forthcoming 2013) (reviewing Melvin Urofsky, Supreme Decisions: Great Constitutional Cases and Their Impact).
  • Michal R. Belknap, 99 J. Am. Hist. 351 (2012) (reviewing Scott Martelle, The Fear Within: Spies, Commies and American Democracy (2011)).
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