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Cal Western Faculty Drive Intellectual Discourse

Sept 20 2022

Faculty Drive Intellectual Discourse

It has been a busy few months for California Western’s faculty.  Here is just a snapshot of ways they've been connecting with peers inside and outside the legal academy.  

Emily Behzadi

Professor Emily Behzadi

  • July 15
    Global Meeting on Law and Society 
    Presented paper on “Decolonizing Cultural Heritage Law.”
  • July 22 
    First Annual Michael A. Olivas Writing Institute 
    Presented paper on “Decolonizing Cultural Heritage.”
Susan Bisom-Rapp

Vice Dean Susan Bisom-Rapp

  • May 27
    University of Modena's Marco Biagi Foundation Conference in Modena, Italy 
    Chaired a panel entitled "Health Care Mandates in a Fundamental Human Rights Perspective."
Hannah Brenner Johnson

Professor Hannah Brenner Johnson

  • July 16
    Global Meeting on Law and Society
    Facilitated a virtual roundtable: “Gender, Power, Law & Leadership.”
James Cooper

Professor James Cooper

  • May 27  
    Gonzaga University School Of Law Human Rights Conference 
    Panel member discussing human rights approach to AI, human rights of non-humans, and ethics of AI.
  • May 24 
    Università degli Studi di Siena 
    Gave a talk entitled "Gonzo Lawyering: A Lifetime of Disruption" at the Dipartimento di Giurisprudenza (University of Siena – Italy)
  • June 17   
    Cardozo International and Comparative Law Review 
    Article together with a documentary film on the Tijuana River sewage crisis.
Pooja Dadhania

Professor Pooja Dadhania

  • July 15
    Global Meeting on Law and Society
    Presented paper on “Linguistic Abuse of Migrants.”
Jessica Fink

Professor Jessica Fink

  • Aug. 19
    Utah Law Review
    Published paper: “Sidelined Again: How the Government Abandoned Working Women Amidst a Global Pandemic.”
Joshua Jones

Professor Joshua Jones

  • July 23
    2022 LWI Biennial Conference at Georgetown University Law Center
    Presented research on rubrics, providing examples of rubrics, and discussing best practices.
  • Aug. 1
    SEALS 2022 
    Discussant in Writing Connections Workshop.
Kenneth Klein

Professor Kenneth Klein

  • June 23
    Book: Climate, Society and Elemental Insurance
    Wrote a chapter: “Is fire insurable” which gives insights from bushfires in Australia and wildfires in the United States.
  • Aug. 12 
    NAIC Summer 2022 National Meeting
    Presented “Unpacking Social Inflation.”
Nancy Marcus

Professor Nancy Marcus

  • May 20 
    University of Akron School of Law - ConLawNOW 
    Article explaining why the leaked Supreme Court draft Dobbs opinion is fundamentally flawed as a matter of constitutional law and legal doctrine.
  • July 27 
    National LGBTQ Bar Association 2022 Lavender Law Conference 
    Panelist, “Progress and Barriers Toward Visibility and Inclusion of Bisexual+ People.”
  • July 2022 
    National LGBTQ Bar Association “BiLaw” Caucus, Lavender Law Conference
    Organizer and Facilitator.
Laura Padilla

Professor Laura Padilla

  • June 25
    2022 Inaugural Graciela Olivárez Latinas in the Legal Academy ("GO LILA") Workshop 
    Speaker at “Identifying and Overcoming Presumptions of Incompetence for Latinas in the Legal Academy” Plenary Session.
  • July 19
    University of Denver Sturm College of Law Denver Law Review 
    Published essay: “The Black–White Paradigm’s Continuing Erasure of Latinas: See Women Law Deans of Color.”
Sean M. Scott

Dean Sean Scott

  • July 19
    ABA 2022 New Deans' Workshop 
    Facilitated a discussion entitled “The First 90 Days.”
  • Sept. 17 
    Seattle University School of Law
    Panelist discussing the intersectionality’s of race, gender, and gender expression.
Erin Sheley

Professor Erin Sheley

  • July 15
    Global Meeting on Law and Society
    Presented paper on "Self Defense and the Rhetoric of Anger."
Brenda Simon

Professor Brenda Simon

  • juMay 12
    BioLaw Conference at Stanford Law School 
    Presented paper.
  • May 27
    UC Davis Law Review
    Paper, “Using Artificial Intelligence in the Law Review Submissions Process,” accepted for publication.
  • Aug. 11 
    IP Scholars Conference at Stanford Law School
    Presented paper.