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Academic Achievement Programs

California Western is committed to the academic support of its students during law school and beyond.  The Academic Achievement Department provides this support from orientation through bar exam passage.

Teaching Fellows Program

The Teaching Fellows Program provides academic skills support for first year and upper division bar-tested courses. Teaching Fellows are high-performing upper division students who want to help 1Ls succeed while, in collaboration with faculty, deepening their understanding of legal doctrine.  

The Academic Achievement Department trains Teaching Fellows research-supported best practices for teaching and learning. Teaching Fellows also coordinate with faculty, attend or view all classes, hold office hours, and, in most cases, facilitate weekly tutoring sessions.

First Year Teaching Fellows Program

Every first-year section has a dedicated Teaching Fellow for Civil Procedure I, Civil Procedure II, Contract I, Contracts II, Criminal Law, Real Property I, Real Property II, and Torts I. Interested students can find more information about the First Year Teaching Fellows Program at the start of each trimester through the Academic Achievement Department.

Upper Division Teaching Fellows Program

A dedicated Teaching Fellow is selected for Constitutional Law I, Criminal Procedure I, Evidence, and Torts II. The Academic Achievement Department provides information to students regarding the Upper Division Teaching Fellows Program at the beginning of each trimester.

Academic Achievement Course Overview

California Western School of Law's Academic Achievement Programs complement the law school curriculum by helping students develop the skills necessary to succeed in law school and pass the bar examination.

1L Year Program

  • How to Succeed in Law School Workshops
  • Legal Methods

2L Year Program

  • Academic Achievement Workshop - California Civil Procedure (AAW)
  • Advanced Legal Analysis (ALA)

3L Year Program

  • Pre-Bar Review Program

After Graduation

The California Western Bar Review Program is designed to prepare students for the bar and help them transition into law practice. California Western School of Law offers three bar review courses that start in your second year of law school. 

CWSL Bar Review Program

Lending Library

The Academic Achievement Department maintains a carefully cultivated library of study aids with useful organizational tools and realistic practice exam questions.

Academic Achievement

Feel free to reach out to the Academic Achievement staff to learn about how these programs and workshops can help you.

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