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Final Exam Information

The Registrar’s Office administers exams at California Western School of Law. This page provides information on exams, exam rescheduling, and more.



Examinations at California Western School of Law are administered by the Office of Registrar and taken on Examplify software unless instructed otherwise. Examinations are anonymous, and self-identification of any kind is not permitted. To maintain the anonymity of exams, students may not discuss individual exam scheduling arrangements with faculty members or discuss any exam administration concerns. All exams reschedule requests must be submitted to JavaScript Required for approval. Any exam administration concerns that occur either before or after the exam should be directed to JavaScript Required. All exams will be administered in-person. Students are required to take final examinations at their scheduled times denoted in the Class Schedule. To view CWSL’s Examination Policy please see the Student Handbook/Academic Policies and Procedures section 5 labeled Examinations.

Final Exam Room Protocols and Procedures

Students are expected to follow exam procedures during their exams. Any violation of the exam procedures are subject to review by the Vice Dean's Office under CWSL's Honor Code policy.  Please see the following document. 

Exam ID

Your ExamID will automatically be included in your exam file. Do NOT change the ExamID number. You will have the same Exam Number for each of your exams. To view your ExamID number, login your ExamSoft and click on “My Account” to view your 4-digit ExamID number.

Exam Times

Please check the exam schedule carefully as the exam times will be different than in prior terms. The exam schedule also includes information on the format of the exam. If you receive exam accommodations, please follow the schedule provided by Student Services. You must arrive for your exam before the scheduled time. Please be sure to arrive at the assigned room at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start time. Proctors will begin providing instructions a few minutes before the 9:00/9:30 AM or 2:00/2:30 PM scheduled start time. You will need to account for time to find parking and to find your assigned room. You can check with Security, or a hall monitor if you are unsure of where your assigned room is located. If you arrive to an exam late more than 15 minutes late, you will be asked to report to Academic Affairs to request your exam to be rescheduled.

Please confirm if your exam will be given in a secure or non-secure format. Exams given as a “secure” exam will not permit access to your computer’s local resources, including the internet. You will only be able to navigate in Examplify during your exam. All notes will need to be printed as a hard copy, and notes on an online resource such as E-book, or Google Drive will not be available. Students may not leave the room to collect additional notes/materials once the exam begins. Exams given as “non-secure” will have access to local resources and the internet. Students are strongly encouraged to bring materials in hard copy in the event of any technical difficulties with their computer. Secondary devices such as iPads are not permitted. 


Exam Accommodations 

If you are requesting disability-related exam accommodations, please review the law school’s policies and procedures and contact Student Affairs at JavaScript Required. The deadline to request exam accommodations for midterm exams is TBA. The deadline to request an exam accomodation for final exams is Monday, July 1st

Exam Reschedule Request

Students may submit a request to reschedule their exams per the Student Handbook policy (5.04). You must fill out and return the completed online petition form to the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs. The deadline to request to reschedule your midterm exam is 7 days before the schedule midterm exam date. The deadline to reschedule your final exam is Monday, July 1, 2024. 

In the event of an emergency or illness contact the Vice Dean’s Office, before your exam time, by sending an email to JavaScript Required or call the office at (619) 525-1444. 

Note: If a student has two examinations scheduled at the same hour, you still need to petition to reschedule your exams. Once a petition is approved one of the exams can be rescheduled for another available exam period on the same day.  If a student has four or more examinations scheduled on two consecutive days, upon petition one examination may be rescheduled to the next available exam period.  Having two exams on the same day (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) is not a sufficient reason for a reschedule under the policy.

Whenever possible, examinations will be rescheduled to a later rather than an earlier date. When an examination is rescheduled, the professor has the discretion to give a different or changed examination. All students taking an examination outside the regularly scheduled time will be required to sign an Honor Code statement certifying they have obtained no information about the regularly scheduled examination.

Exam Schedules


CWSL uses Examplify by ExamSoft software to administer all exams. Visit our CWSL Examplify page to login your ExamSoft account. For additional information about intalling Examplify and testing your PC with the Mock Exam, please visit our Student Computing Service.



  • For general exam questions and assistance please email us at JavaScript Required or call the Registrar’s Office at (619) 525-1414.
  • For on campus technical related questions, you can email JavaScript Required or call (619) 515-1599.