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For Supervising Attorneys and Judges

During the third year, students can take part in the Clinical Externship Program. For 13 weeks students can observe and engage in the practical application of lawyering skills while earning academic credit. During the fall, spring, or summer terms students can take part in an externship with a CWSL pre-approved placement or can initiate their own placement.

Experiential Learning: Clinical Externship Program

The Clinical Externship Program at California Western School of Law offers practical lawyering experience to students with supervising attorneys/judges assigning tasks and providing feedback on professional responsibility.

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Supervising Attorney/Judge responsibilities

  • Assigning a variety of tasks tailored to the extern’s individual learning goals.
  • Providing timely and thorough feedback on work assignments.
  • Discussing matters of professional responsibility and ethics, etc.
  • Completing required performance evaluations during and at the end of the externship trimester.
  • Honoring the commitment in the Memorandum of Agreement, see below.
  • Meet with the supervising faculty member and student mid-trimester
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Become a Supervising Attorney/Judge

Contact Kelly Bruhn, Esq. at JavaScript Required to request instructions and documents to participate in the Program. 

Clinical Externship Program Office

Contact Associate Director, Clinical Externship Program, Kelly Bruhn, Esq. to receive an overview of the program.

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